Here are a couple of comments I overheard in the Children’s area of the library last week:

Girl walks up to dad and says, “Dad, there’s a book I want to check out, is that okay?”

Dad: “What’s the name of it?”

Girl says the name but all I remember is that it has “Salem” in the title.

Dad: “That doesn’t sound good. I don’t think so.”

Girl: “Why”

Dad: “Because Salem has to do with Witchcraft. I don’t want you around that.”


Here’s another one along those lines:

Little boy: “I want to check this one out, mom.”

Mom: “No. You can’t check that one out. That’s a yucky book.”

They walk away so I turn around to see what this “yucky book” is. It’s a Harry Potter book

Amazing, isn’t it? These people really do exist.