Go Harry!


This is an excellent statement given by Harry Reid for the Center for American Progress. I especially liked this quote:

I was reminded of another lesson from college, this one taken from George Orwell and his book, 1984.
In that book, Orwell spoke of “doublespeak” – naming something just the opposite, in order to cover how unpleasant it is in reality.
As we saw in the video, the President has been giving us doublespeak for years. He utters platitudes about helping Americans, when he’s
really helping his special interest friends.

Yes! Doublespeak. Have you noticed it, too? I’ve remarked on it here a few times, not calling it Doublespeak, but noticing that the Neo-con Republican Machine say the opposite of what is happening, or accuse thier dissenters of doing that which they are doing. It is absolutely maddening!