The vegetarian store


So Raf and I have been hearing about this ABC Vegetarian outlet advertised on the Air America affiliate here and were stoked to find out about it. We are no longer vegetarians, but while living in Santa Cruz got used to visiting the many local vegetarian-friendly grocery stores (and there are LOTS of them there). We still enjoy many of the foods we were introduced to as vegetarians.

So we planned on going there this weekend. I went online to find the address and I saw that the ABC actually stands for Adventist Book Center. That’s cool. I’m totally fine with that. So we drive out there.

It’s on the west edge of town, near the airport. As we drove up, closer to the address, we noticed that it was kind of in the middle of nowhere, nestled in a forest-like area. We drove past it at first, because it didn’t look anything like “food outlet.” To drive into the place you had to drive past this heavy gate. It kind of felt like driving into a compound. As we drove up to the place it was clear that this was not your average grocery store. This was a “food outlet” that was inside the church’s bookstore. It had a very “churchy” feel.

We walked in and, sure enough, the Christian books were on the left side of the store, the vegetarian stuff was on the right side of the store. We went ahead with our purchases, and were very happy with them. The people working there were very nice to keep the store open for us while we shopped.

It was a very strange experience. It had a very culty feel. The whole “compound” thing is what does it, I think. But they did have a nice assortment of vegetarian food.

I just think it’s so funny how vastly different this experience was than, say, going to this awesome hippy vegetarian grocery we used to go to in Santa Cruz called the Food Bin. These places were polar opposites. At the ABC food outlet we were being checked out by a nice, gray-haired, church-going lady, while at the Food Bin we would be helped by kids that looked like they were born in the wrong generation.

There is another vegetarian-friendly grocery in this town near where i live. It’s kind of like a local version of Whole Foods. It’s got some good stuff in there, too. But the vibe is very yuppy and pretentious.

So my search for a cool Food Bin-style veggie grocery in Spokane continues…



Why are neocons such assholes? Why? Why do they go trolling around the web, looking for liberal websites and post comments just to be divisive? Dothey try to engage people in an interesting and lively discourse? No. They are assholes.
In response to a couple of messages I recieved on this blog:

I may not know very much about hunting (and I don’t really care to know) but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that YOU DO NOT SHOOT SOMEONE IN THE FACE. And THE MAN SHOULD NOT HAVE HAD TO APOLOGIZE FOR GETTING SHOT. And I don’t care if the man made “a stupid mistake” as you say. I don’t care. He got shot.

And frankly, I am SICK of this “blame the victim” bullshit. The man got effing shot. It is the shooter’s fault. End of fucking discussion. Even the goddamn “poor” Vice President (the man who SHOT SOMEONE IN THE FACE) admits this much.

As to your second comment, I am a librarian, and perhaps you need to read the library bill of rights before you go posting shit you don’t know about on other people’s websites. If you are too lazy to click on that link read this:

III. Libraries should challenge censorship in the fulfillment of their responsibility to provide information and enlightenment.

And since you seem to need a little bit of education, Why don’t you go ahead and read the Librarian’s Code of ethics:

We protect each library user’s right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to information sought or received and resources consulted, borrowed, acquired or transmitted.

See, it’s my job to protect the privacy and confidentiality of assholes like you. And YOU A) couldn’t care less. and B) don’t appreciate that.

But you know what? I’m proud to do it.

More things they don’t teach you in library school


Let me start this off by saying that the library in which I work is a downtown, city-center branch and we have quite a large amount of homeless people who come in and use our library. I assume that this is common in many public libraries. The library welcomes everyone in the community to use it.

Okay, so yesterday my colleague tells me that when one of the regular guys that plants himself at the listening station for half the day gives her the headphones that he borrowed back to her, another patron comes up to her and says, “you better wash those headphones with alcohol when people are done with them or someone is going to get tuberculosis.” TUBERCULOSIS. And I’m handling these things, and more all day.


And that reminded me of the time at a staff meeting not long ago another colleague, who was reporting on a health workshop that she had gone to, had mentioned that staph infection is rampant among the homeless community right now, and that includes the flesh-eating kind. FLESH EATING.

I think there are some latent germ phobias within me coming to the surface…

Porn Police


Oh. My. God.:

Two uniformed men strolled into the main room of the Little Falls library in Bethesda one day last week and demanded the attention of all patrons using the computers. Then they made their announcement: The viewing of Internet pornography was forbidden.

The men looked stern and wore baseball caps emblazoned with the words “Homeland Security.” The bizarre scene unfolded Feb. 9, leaving some residents confused and forcing county officials to explain how employees assigned to protect county buildings against terrorists came to see it as their job to police the viewing of pornography.

I am imagining this scenario in the public library in which I work. And I am dumbfounded. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The article goes on to explain that the two officers will be disciplined. THANK GOD. Thank God somebody understands the whole point of the library and that it exists to recognize one’s constitutional right of privacy. Much to the Bush’s Admin’s dismay, but nevertheless. The librarians are trying, anyway.

How awful for the patrons of the library! Can you imagine? Your sitting at your local public library’s internet station, innocently reading your e-mail or perusing your daily blogroll adn some asshole in a uniform comes in and annouces that looking at porn is forbidden. Wha??? First of all, we aren’t living in Nazi Germany, second of all, who says everyone in the library looks at porn? It’s actually very rare that people come into the library to look at porn. Once in awhile there are one or two people, but not really all that common.

sigh. Damn Neo-fascists.

Read the Washington Post article here. And thanks to Mandrake from Daffodil Lane for pointing me to it!