The story continues


The house hunting saga didn’t end on Satuday. I woke up yesterday just really sad about the whole thing. I just cried. I mean, it all just seemed so unfair. I went out to breakfast with my parents (as we always do on Sunday mornings) and they cheered me up so that by the end of the breakfast I was feeling a little better.

Raf and I decided, just for fun, to drive by the house to see if the seller was going through with thier planned open house on Sunday. We would be seriously extra-pissed off if they were. We drove over there and, sure enough, there was an open house! ugh! We were totally disgusted at that point. How could they do this? What, the other offer wasn’t good enough either, so they were going to see what else was out there?

As we were driving home my mom calls me to invite us over for dinner (to cheer us both up). We ranted to her about how they were going through with the open house. So she decides that she is going to jump in her car to go up to the open house, just to kind of see what the hell is going on with these people.

She called me about 45 minutes later and told me that she loved the house. She also said that she talked to the realtor and asked her how much they were offering, just to get a conversation going. She said, $125,000.00, which is what it has always been listed at. The realtor said that there had been three offers on the house and the seller was trying to make up her mind. My mom blurted out, “My daughter is one of the people who made an offer.” God. When she told me that I was totally mortified, but I kept listening. She told me that the Realtor and her had a nice conversation and that my mom said that we really wanted the house and that I work really close and that it would be perfect for us. The realtor said that she would put in a good word for us. The seller was just having a hard time making up her mind. But she would decide today. After I hung up the phone with my mom I thought that maybe we did, in fact, have a chance. Maybe all wasn’t lost after all. I mean, her talking to the realtor couldn’t have made our situation worse than it already was, you know?

About a half an hour later our realtor called to say that the seller decided to go with our offer! It was a little dicey there for a couple of hours while we were waiting to hear back from him. We wanted him to call us when the seller signed the paperwork and it was in the broker’s office, making everything official. I was seriously afraid that we would get sniped again. But, apparently, everything is working out and we are going to get the house after all! (knocking on wood as I type this).

Now we have to pray that the loan all goes through okay and everything. And hope that nothing falls through.

God this is stressing me out!