And…We’re in.

We managed to move all of our stuff into our new house, clean up the old one, and unpack this weekend. I think all I have left to do is hang up pictures. Needless to say, I’m totally exhausted. will post again soon. when I have more energy. I still have a Mr. Potatohead story […]

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june 7th

I called Comcast to switch over my cable service to our new place. We will have our service shut off here tommorrow (since we are moving tommorrow). But we can’t get anyone out to our new house until june 7th. ugh! June 7th! I hope I can survive. I can access the internet at work, […]

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busy busy busy

Hello. Sorry for the sparse posting since Monday. This has been a CRAZY week. Now that we have the key we have to actually move. Who wudda thunk it? And, um, we haven’t really packed all that much yet. So we are kind of trickling things over there when we can. Raf is doing most […]

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We have the key

And nobody took it back! we started moving some stuff over yesterday.. It’s nice to finally be in there, after all of this. When we went out to the realtor’s office to pick it up (again with that!) it was really weird. We were met in the lobby (after about 10 minutes of waiting for […]

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