Bloomsday. A day in pictures.

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I made it back alive! Here are some pictures.

The Man Shop

We walked down to the race from our house. It was actually a really quick walk and I was surprised. Walking into the downtown area I saw this shop. I was really quite repulsed by it, for some reason. But I thought I’d take a picture of it.

Shirts in trees

While we were waiting for the race to start I saw some kid throw his sweatpants up into the tree above me. I looked up and saw the picture above.

Then I looked down the street at all of the trees and this is what I saw:

More Shirts in trees

Must be a Bloomsday Tradition.


Here is the starting line:

Starting Line

The first landmark we saw was what I think is the old Carnagie Library building:

Then we saw Elvis playing an accordian:


We saw lots of bands playing all different kinds of music. Here are some people playing bluegrass:


Here is the foreboding Doomsday Hill:

Doomsday Hill

It seriously started to rain and get stormy as we approached our ascent.

Raf wanted me to get a shot of him with the vulture at the top of the hill:


Strangest sight of the day:

Somewhere in this shot is the finish line:
Finish Line

When I got home and took off my shoes I was greeted with this:

Bloody Sock

I didnt’ even feel it! Well, I shouldn’t say that. I felt a bit of a twinge. and I knew I would get some sort of blister. But I didn’t expect this! You’d think that I would have felt something that produced this much blood.
I should say that I pretty much limped home. We had to walk back after walking the 7.5 Bloomsday route (on top of walking to the race). The walk home was a bit much. I didn’t have the crowds and the music to keep me going. I was hurtin. my feet hurt, my legs were cramping up. It was cold. We had to walk up a steep hill (the very hill raf got into the wreck on). I was in serious pain. I came come and slept for two hours because I was so exhausted! But next year, I’m promising myself, I AM GOING TO RUN BLOOMSDAY! Dammit! I’m going to do it.

Here is what this year’s shirts look like:

I LOVE them! Love the color especially.

All in all, we had a really fun day, despite the pain. Definately glad we did it.

Another house update.


Ever the drama. Well, we’ve been waiting since monday for the seller to decide on fixing the electric stuff. We haven’t heard a thing about it all week. Actually, it was kind of nice not having to think about it all week. But we did get kind of worried when yesterday rolled around and we didn’t hear anything. Se we called the realtor. He said that she agreed verbally that she would either get it fixed or take the price on the house down. However we can’t get anything in writing because the seller IS IN MEXICO UNTIL FRIDAY. She is in Mexico? She is selling a friggen house and she is in Mexico? What the fuck? She comes back on Friday which is the 12th. We close on the 15th.

I guess what it all really boils down to is that we may get stuck with paying for the electrical stuff. My husband is talking about just getting out of this because he doesnt’ like how we are being treated. He says that this whole thing “just isn’t right.” But I feel like I’ve already invested so much in this whole transaction. And I like the house. And if it really only boils down to just paying for the electrical work (if it isn’t going to cost a fortune) then I don’t know if we should just pull out of it just because we are getting mistreated.
Ugh. I don’t know. I feel like I’m totally being taken for a ride here. This whole deal has been really shitty from the getgo. IRaf and I have just done nothing but fight whenever we talk about this stupid house. If this is what one has to go through to buy a fucking house I just don’t think I can handle it. If we don’t get this house, I don’t think I can go through this again anytime soon. I feel like I’m going to have a nervous breakdown.

Well, I’m off to go walk the Bloomsday race this morning. I hope I make it back alive.