An interesting turn of events


Okay, so I told you about how the seller is in Mexico and stuff? And that this is just about the straw that breaks the camel’s back? Well, Raf and I have been discussing, even before the whole Mexico thing, how we should file a complaint with the Board of Realtors. We really, really feel like we have been treated unethically since this whole thing started. I mean am I crazy for feeling this way? I have never bought a home before, so I have no basis for comparison. But I know that I would never treat anyone the way we’ve been treated. I’ve never read a Realtor’s Code of Ethics, but I’m sure that some of the ways we have been treated are not part of thier Code.

Anyway, Raf shot off an e-mail Saturday to our Realtor. This was one of the things we fought over. I am not a very confrontational person, and he is. And sometimes these parts of our personalities clash. Raf mentioned in there that we were thinking about filing a compliant. So, as expected, our realtor sent us an e-mail back wondering what we were so upset about, etc. So Raf laid it all out in plain english for him to understand. We also mentioned that we are very appreciative of all he has done for us (my husband put that in there to apease me) and that our complaint is with the seller’s realtor.

We got a phone call about a half an hour later saying that the electric work has ALREADY BEEN FIXED. The seller’s realtor stated that all of the electricians in town have been booked for three weeks. And now, all of a sudden, the work has been done? This is very interesting indeed.

We are going to go look tommorrow to make sure it is, in fact, done. I will update.