you are not going to believe this…


Okay, so Raf drives out there (ugh!) to pick up the key this morning. He kind of thought about talking to him when he got there to kind of try to smooth things over. He didn’t even get the opportunity. Our realtor sent HIS ASSISTANT out to the lobby, where my husband was waiting, to give him they keys to our new house in an envelope.

Can you believe this guy?

No “Thanks for you business” no hand shake. Nothun. What a bastard. If I wasn’t pissed off before I am seeething right now.

So we are supposed to have the use of a moving van for free, since we started out going through this group (our realtor broke off on his own while he was working with us – without giving us the option to stay with the original realty group.) So I e-mailed my original contact with the original group and asked her how I can get use of the moving van. And then, as an aside, I told her I would be contacting them in writing regarding the treatment by our realtor. She called me back right away and apologized profusely, which made me feel good. She said that they had no idea he was moving out on his own, that it was sudden. And she wants us to tell her everything. And we will most definately be doing that.

This last little thing was the last straw. Not even giving us the key to the house? I mean, he is getting paid from this sale! The nerve. He is so getting in trouble for this.

I’m telling you. You don’t mess with librarians. We will fuck your shit up.

3 thoughts on “you are not going to believe this…

  1. I think you should report him to the better business bureau as well. His actions were not professional. And he doesn’t deserve your commission either.


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