We have the key


And nobody took it back!

we started moving some stuff over yesterday.. It’s nice to finally be in there, after all of this.

When we went out to the realtor’s office to pick it up (again with that!) it was really weird. We were met in the lobby (after about 10 minutes of waiting for them) by our realtor and the original contact for the Hardie Group. It made it really uncomfortable. We went to a conference room and our realtor put this thing in front of us that he wanted us to initial. We had been so worn down to a nub at that point that we initialed the stupid thing. It was basically something he needed to cover his ass.

He left the conference room and the other woman, the original contact person, said that they didn’t have a closing gift for us. That she had hoped she would have it ready, but just know that it’s coming. We told her that we don’t care about any gift. And I don’t really. But it would have kind of been a nice gesture if they had had something to give us. Especially since we have been treated so badly. She also acted like she wanted us to talk about our realtor. We didn’t. We just said we were good. That we just wanted the keys to our house. We we left the conference room our realtor was standing right around the corner listening in! It was really strange.

We left the place feeling so strange. I still don’t feel very good about it. In fact, I’m really kind of depressed. I love the house, and I’m really excited about it, but I feel kind of numb, too. I just can’t believe we were treated the way we were. And our realtor had every opportunity to apologize while we were there, an he didn’t. He acted like he didn’t do anything wrong. Raf said that he looked like his feelings were hurt. I didnt’ look at him so I didn’t see that. But why on earth would his feelings be hurt? I don’t understand.

So I am left not really knowing what to do. I kind of would like to put all of this behind us. Part of me would feel really bad if our realtor got fired or lost his license. I mean, he has a family,you know? But on the other hand…I really don’t think we deserved to be treated this way. At all! Don’t you think? I don’t know. Sometimes I think we over reacted, too. Ugh! this whole thing has left me feeling very strange.
Anyway, we have the keys to the house. And we learned a huge lesson from all of this. We will never go through a realtor of any kind ever again.

Oh, and if you live in Spokane don’t go with the realtor team of WalkerSims. Andy Sims was our realtor and, as you can see from our story, he sucked. big time.