basset hound

For a week I’ve been looking forward to getting over this cold so I could try my hand at running outside around our neighborhood. The weather is finally warm enough in the morning to get outside. I am so sick of running on the treadmill. It is extremelly boring.

Well, I didn’t even get two houses away. I was pretty much chased back to my front door by a fucking dog.

Goddamn it!

Score one point against this neighborhood.

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Here’s a picture from my brother’s Hoopfest game. You can see more at my Flickr page if your interested.

He and his team did pretty good! they held thier own. I guess my brother’s teammates bailed on him at the last minute and so he had to scramble to find some other players. He only managed to find two other guys. So it was three against four. They ended up barely losing to the other team. I was quite impressed!