For a week I’ve been looking forward to getting over this cold so I could try my hand at running outside around our neighborhood. The weather is finally warm enough in the morning to get outside. I am so sick of running on the treadmill. It is extremelly boring. Well, I didn’t even get two […]

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  Here’s a picture from my brother’s Hoopfest game. You can see more at my Flickr page if your interested. He and his team did pretty good! they held thier own. I guess my brother’s teammates bailed on him at the last minute and so he had to scramble to find some other players. He […]

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Red rose

  This is blooming in my backyard and I thought it was so pretty I should take a picture. I am still feeling crappy. Still all sinusy. Going to Hoopfest today to watch several members of my family play street basketball. I’ve never been to it before so I kind of looking forward to it! […]

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