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PlansI love this album (Death Cab for Cutie’s, “Plans”). I was lured to it by the song “Soul Meets Body.” I was just listening to it on my iPod and couldn’t help singing along with the tune. Raf came into the room and asked “were you singing?” Like, he was hearing things or something. But he wasn’t. It was I. Probably sounding like a screeching cat, but oh well.

I love this song, not only because it’s just a good song. But also because it reminds me of my visit to San Jose/Santa Cruz this past March. It was playing on the radio constantly and I had never heard it before (because the radio stations in Spokane play shitty music). Everytime I heard it I liked it more and more. And I knew that in the future listening to this song would bring me back to Santa Cruz. And, indeed, it does