We’re off to see the Ocean!

We are leaving in about an hour or so. We are going to drive there. Yesterday the weather report for Ilwaco, WA was showers from about 3pm to 9pm! ugh! Now they are predicting clear skies with a little rain this morning. That’s more like it. It’s supposed to get down to the low 40s […]

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Don’t believe it

  When the president shows up in New Orleans a year later, hugging Mayor Nagin, who publically cried and demanded that the federal government “get their asses down here” to help, don’t believe it. When some rich guy drives a fake FEMA truck to D.C. saying that he “wants Bush to be president four more […]

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We went to the Pow wow again yesterday at Riverfront Park. A very enjoyable time was had by all. Hot, but fun. I mentioned this when I went last year, But there is something so moving about the singing with the drums and the dancing. It truly is beautiful and spiritual. When I was watching […]

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