A note to Spokane drivers

US traffic sign: merge

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You know how sometimes the lane on your right ends and the traffic in that lane has to merge with traffic because, well, thier lane is ending? Like on the freeway? YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO LET THE TRAFFIC MERGE! You don’t follow the car in front of you like you are connected to it’s ass and NOT LET THE CAR ON YOUR RIGHT INTO TRAFFIC. You move your ass away from the car in front of you a bit. Yes, this means you apply a bit of pressur on your brakes. Don’t worry, your manliness will not be questioned because you are putting your brakes on and letting A FREAKING CAR INTO TRAFFIC.

This is the second time this has happend to me in this town! For some strange reason, I don’t know if people driving here are complete idiots or if they are just being assholes, but they don’t let you merge into traffic when you lane ends! I have almost gotten run off the road in both of these cases because these assholes just, stubbornly and dangerously don’t want to let people in! It frustrates me to no end. It’s just one of the things I can’t stand about some of the people who live here. The idea of being kind to one another seems like it doesn’t exist sometimes!

Yes I’m in a cranky mood.