The Noro Vortex

Next Weaving Project

Image by LollyKnit via Flickr

One of my collegues at work has a theory relating to Spokane Natives (don’t worry. This will relate to knitting.) She calls it the Spokane Vortex. You see, most of us Spokane Natives escape move away after we graduate from High School. But, no matter what, the Spokane Vortex will always draw us back. It has happened to most of the Natives that I know that are my age. Maybe I will write more about it another time, after I have pondered it more.

NorovemberAnyway, all of that to say that the Noro Vortex has drawn me back! Yes, I have dug out these three skeins of Noro Silk Garden from the bottom of my stash box and decided to cast on in honor of Norovember. I didn’t think I was going to do this until one of my co-workers showed me the mobius scarf she made from Cat Bordhi’s book, “A treasury of magical knitting.” While she was in the process of knitting it I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try it right away. But when she brought in the finished product I knew I had to make one. And it needed to be in Noro. And, it just so happens, I have had this Silk Garden gathering dust in my stash for three years. So you see, I don’t even have to buy more yarn! Yay! Not that there’s anything wrong with buying yarn. Goodness me. It’s just that I’m kind of broke at the moment so buying more yarn would be bad for me right now.

I decided to hold off on showing you my thing that I showed you last week since it’s a gift for someone. I promise I will show it to you sometime though (Could I sound more vauge? geesh!). ahem.

Okay that is the knitting content for now. Happy Monday!