And…Now we have the Senate. Barely.

Joe Lieberman, official photo.

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Yes! Allen Conceded.

Republican Sen. George Allen of Virginia conceded defeat Thursday afternoon to Democratic challenger Jim Webb, giving Democrats control of the Senate.

However, Mandrake makes a good point about Lieberman over at Daffodil Lane.
He basically won Conneticut with Republican votes and now he is in the pocket of these thugs. I’m not so sure if I trust that he will caucus with the Democrats. Especially after we totally turned against him (as we should have).

I was listening to yesterday’s Democracy Now! podcast in which they interviewed Ralph Nader. He made an interesting point about the Lieberman Problem:

He’s going to be pretty insufferable. I mean, you know, Joe’s inherent self-righteousness now is ballooning by the hour, and he’s going to view himself as a kingmaker if the swing in the Senate is one seat.

So we’ll see what happens. I really wish we could have gotten Lieberman out of there.