I started a Pinwheel Baby Blanket for my Husband’s Brother and his wife who are having a baby. Due sometime in the next few days, I am told. I thought it was due in January. But no. It’s due at the end of November. Yikes. Definately not going to be done in the next few days.

I’m knitting it with Plymouth Encore Colorspun worsted yarn. Half Acrylic and Half wool. Washible and dryable. Which is good for babies, I would imagine. I am using the exact same yarn that I used for this baby blanket. The recipient of that one, another niece on my husbands side, is now a little over a year old and she LOVES it. It’s her blankie. That makes me so happy. Something I knit for her is her beloved blankie. It’s the highest compliment for a knitter, I think.