My last post was really rather bitchy. And I apologize. Actually, as I am learning more and more about it, it does seem like this windstorm is a bigger deal than I previously thought. The Western side of Washington and Oregon really are getting the brunt of the storm. Spokane’s situation really pales in comparison. There has been quite a bit of damage to homes and cars here, though. On my own house, the force of the wind was so strong it blew apart our fence! I think my husband has fixed it, otherwise I would show you a picture.


“The windstorm of 2006″

Starbucks red cup Family venti

Image by Majiscup - Gotta Take The Cup Tonight. via Flickr

Yes, we had a windstorm last night that knocked out our power:

More than 40,000 households in the Inland Northwest remain without power following a powerful wind storm that tore across the region Thursday night and this morning.

The storm brought winds gusting to 68 mph and toppled hundreds of treesm including dozens that fell on homes, businesses, cars, power lines and fences in North Idaho and the Spokane area.

We were without power for about 4 hours this morning. The biggest problem for me was, not the fact that I didn’t get to take a shower this morning, but the fact that I couldn’t get my coffee early enough to avoid a caffeine headache. I did end up driving down the South Hill to a Starbucks that actually had power and got the big-ass size coffee. And now I feel better. Still have the headache, though.

Incidentally, I have to say that Starbucks kind of annoys me. Maybe it’s the caffeine headache making me cranky but I’m annoyed by the naming of the sizes of coffees. They have the “tall” , the “Grande” and then what the hell is the big-ass size? The “Venti?” What is that? Why can’t they just call it a small, medium, and a large? Why? I find it very pretentious and, therefore, annoying.

Back to the subject at hand. One of the radio newscasters this morning was making this winter storm here in Spokane out to be a big deal, calling the “Windstorm of 2006.” I mean, it is kind of inconvenient to be without power for a few hours. And, yes, it did blow some trees over onto houses and cars. And, yes, that is a big deal. But, “The Windstorm of 2006?” I don’t know. I think that’s being a bit dramatic.

Sorry about the crankiness. And this is not to belittle what is happening over on the West side of the state. That is pretty Gnarly. And totally worthy of the “Windstorm of 2006” headline.

Read more about it here: More than 40,000 without power