Spinning Silk

Silk Hankie Mittens

A couple of years ago I bought some silk hankies* at Stitches. If you have been reading my blog for awhile you might remember my little demonstration where I draft the silk hankie and knit a scarf. I worked on this for awhile and then decided that it was frustating me. The scarf really turned out awful, for one. Secondly, the silk itself was too sticky to work with. So I kind of stuffed it all into the Ziploc freezer bag and forgot about it.

Until I started spinning yarn.

When I first began spinning in September I remembered I had it and thought, “wow. I have that silk hankie. I wonder if I can spin it.” And, with a bit of searching the internets, I found out that you can, indeed, spin silk hankie.

Here is what has been making me procrastinate my little teensy final bit if Christmas knitting. It’s still kind of sticky to work with but it’s not really annoying me as much this time. I am really liking how this is turning out! I just hope I have enough of it to knit something with.

*If you don’t know what silk hankies are, they are basically a stack of silk cocoons. You can read a little more about them <a href=”here at Knittyspin. Or here at at Wormspit.com