Rep. John Conyers (D-MI)

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You go Mr. Conyers!

George Bush has a habit of firing military leaders who tell him the Iraq war is failing. But let me tell you something. He can’t fire you. He can’t fire us. But we can fire him! We can fire him!

And we should!

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Hell yeah!


health check

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Okay. I guess it’s time for an update on my health goals and where I’m at with all of that.

The best part of my progress so far is that I have been very consistent about exercising. I try to shoot for running on the treadmill 4 times a week and then doing a “Firm” video twice a week (for the weight training). Sundays I like to go for hikes or walks.

In reality, the past few weeks I have only run about 2 days a week but I have managed to get my two days of “the Firm” in no matter what. I feel that the weight training is most important for me. The weight training will raise my resting metabolism so I’ve been really good about making sure I do that no matter what.

So even though I’m not quite hitting my “running 4 days a week” goal at the moment I still feel pretty good that I’m getting it in. I’m not beating myself up over it. The fact that I’m doing it is good.

Have you heard of “the Firm?” I’ve been using these videos on and off for about 17 years. They are workout videos that combine weight training and aerobics and they are really, really good. It’s a great workout. It’s hard, but very effective. You can kind of mix them up so that you don’t do the same video every time so it doesn’t get boring. I know. I sound like an infomercial. But seriously, they really are great.

As for running, I’ve been stuck on the “run 9 minutes walk 1 min. repeat 3 times” week for about three weeks. I am going to do that this week and then next week I will do the “run 13 min. walk 1 min. repeat twice” week next week. So I’m slowing working myself up to running 30 continuous minutes.

The eating thing isn’t going super well, but it’s not horrible. I’ve had some stomach problems the past week so I haven’t had much of an appetite for much of anything and when I do eat it doesn’t feel good so I haven’t been eating as much. I don’t know what the problem is. I thought that I might have an ulcer but I think it’s just nervousness.

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The Higher Power of Lucky

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The Higher Power of LuckyI just now finished reading the newly awarded Newberry Award winner for 2007, The Higher Power of Lucky. I was kind of surprised that this book won because I hadn’t really noticed any buzz about it. I also hadn’t read it so I promptly placed a hold on it at the library.

It’s about a girl whose mother has died. Electrocuted after a storm in the desert. Brigitte, Lucky’s father’s first wife, comes all the way to to California from France to take care of Lucky. All goes well until one day Lucky notices that Brigittes’ suitcase is packed. Lucky is afraid Brigitte is going to move back to france, and leave her at an orphanage in L.A. So Lucky decides to run away. She decides that the best, most perfect day to run away is the day there is a terible windstorm in Hard Pan, California.

I’m not sure what to think of this book. I did enjoy it. It was beautifully written. The illustrations were wonderful. But was it Newberry Medal good? I don’t know. I think I need to brew on that for awhile.

If Gore entered the race? That would be ideal.

Al Gore's Hearing on Global Warming

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Okay. In my last post I talked about my thoughts about Hillary Clinton entering the Presidental race. Today, thanks to Dianne, my thoughts go to Al Gore. Rolling Stone has published an article about Al Gore’s potential as a candidate in ’08. They feel that he would blow all other competition out of the water. And I have to say, I agree:

If the Democrats were going to sit down and construct the perfect candidate for 2008, they’d be hard-pressed to improve on Gore. Unlike Hillary Clinton, he has no controversial vote on Iraq to defend. Unlike Barack Obama and John Edwards, he has extensive experience in both the Senate and the White House. He has put aside his wooden, policy-wonk demeanor to emerge as the Bush administration’s most eloquent critic. And thanks to An Inconvenient Truth, Gore is not only the most impassioned leader on the most urgent crisis facing the planet, he’s also a Hollywood celebrity, the star of the third-highest-grossing documentary of all time.

If Al Gore entered the race, all other potential candidates are off the table, as far as I’m concerned. It’s Al Gore all the way. He is our man for ’08.

So run, Al, run!

Read the article here:
Rolling Stone : Why Gore Should Run — And How He Can Win

Hillary Clinton For President?

Hillary Clinton, First Lady & U.S. Senator

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Like everyone else, I heard the news over the weekend that Hillary Clinton is going to run for President. Before her announcement, when everyone was speculating, I wasn’t really excited about her. I definately think we need a woman president. Don’t get me wrong about that. We are long overdue for a woman president. But is Ms. Clinton the right one?

After she announced the idea has kind of been percolating in my brain. I’m still not convinced that she is the best candidate. But I am finding myself kind of excited that she’s running. And it wouldn’t be bad if she won. Not at all. How awesome would it be if Bill Clinton was the First Gentleman? I think she has some good ideas. The roadblock, as always, is Iraq. She voted for Iraq. There’s no getting around that.

We’ll see how this all goes. One thing is for sure, it’s going to get interesting, indeed.
Hillary Clinton For President