Happy New Year!

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Did you have a good New Years Eve? Mine was very low key. We stayed home and watched some season 6 Sopranos episodes. It was nice :).

Some goals for the new year.

First let’s see how I did last year. Looking back, I didn’t do too shabby. The only thing that I really absolutely did not do was learn to play the piano. I mean, I didn’t even touch a piano in 2006. Oh well.

Okay. Here is what I’m working on for next year:

Health Goals:

    1. Continue running and getting into shape. I started out good last year and then just kept stopping. I did the “couch to 5k” plan over and over (in various forms) because I would keep stopping for months and then start again. Well this year IS GOING TO BE DIFFERENT. I am making small goals for myself in this department and I am already feeling like it is becoming a habit.
    2. Eat healthier. I’m am seriously going to stop eating sugar. Just totaly cut it out of my diet. No more candy, cookies, cakes, etc. I think I may have to turn to hypnosis for some help on this. Part of my unhealthy eating habits started because of where I work. For some reason there is always candy and cookies and cakes and shit like that there constantly. Every freaking day! Just working there for the past 9 months I have gain about 7 pounds. And they aren’t going to go away. For some reason, the people that I work with want to bring in this crap for everyone to eat. They want us all fat. But you know what? I am NOT going to eat this shit anymore. I’m sick of feeling like crap everyday. I’m sick of feeling like I have mainlined sugar in my veins. No more sugar. From now on it’s healthy snacks.

To kind of help me with some of these health goals I have signed up for the Discovery Health National Body Challenge. I even bought this book. And like I said earlier. I may also try hypnosis, too. I’m serious this time about getting healthy. Dammit.

Other goals:

    1. I need to continue to get my credit paid off. I did pretty good last year. I got a loan to consolidate my debt so most of it will be paid off in a few years (as opposed to forever). But there is one card that I decided I needed to use for “emergencies” that has quickly gone a little overboard. So I just gave it to my husband and now if I need to use it I will have to go through him first and there is no way he will let me use it. Now I just need to come up with some extra money every month so I can pay it off quickly. So that is what I will try to come up with this year.
    2. A way to make a little extra money a month doing what I like. I think I will start an etsy shop selling some stuff. I don’t know what yet. But it’s something I have always wanted to do, make money as an artist so I think I will start that process.
    3. Along those lines, I would like to see if I can sell some of my photography. I think I might enter something in the Art on the Green art festival this year. Just to see what happens :). I’m a little bit shy about this but I think I might go for it.
    4. Try to get more creative. I want to write more, for one. Maybe part of that should be to blog everyday at least once? I would also like to try my hand at handpainting yarn. I want to do something with colors. This year I want to be more creative in one way or another.
    5. Be more environment friendly. I’m going to try to walk to work as much as possible. I’m going to recycle more. I’m going to eat and buy locally as much as possible. I am going to try to conserve electricity in our house. Anything I can do to help curb Global Warming I will do.

Knitting Goals:

    1. Finish up all of my W.I.Ps (works in progress for you non-knitters) that have by gathering dust. The first thing I am going to finish is the Slytherin Scarf for my poor hubby. Then I will finish Loll. Then I will finish the Learn to Knit Afghan. I’m sick of having these things linger over my head. It’s time to get this shit DONE.
    2. I want to make the goal that I’m not going to buy yarn. But I don’t know if I can go that far. I think that what I want to do is use yarn from my stash as much as possible. I have yarn for several projectst that I want to use up before I rush out and buy more. This year I will decrease my stash.I have to say, I really dislike having a yarn stash. I know I’m going to sound crazy. But it kind of stresses me out. I feel like I have things hanging over my head that I have to get done when I have a stash and that makes me stressed. So this year I will dig into the stash.
    3. Should I re-start BlackSheep?This is not a goal. It’s a question. I’m trying to decide if having my knitting stuff over here was a good idea. The whole reason for having my knitting content on a knitting blog was to keep it all organized together and log my progress. Maybe I should commit to re-organizing it? hmm..
      Update 1/2/2007: I have decided to repost my knitting content over at Blacksheep. You can read my thoughts about it over there if you want. 🙂

That’s it for now. I think. There may be more. There probably will be.

Have a fantastic New Years Day everyone! 2007 is going to be a great year. I can feel it!