It only took me 7 days to screw up my New Years resolution

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Well, I’ve already gone and screwed up my new years resolutions about cutting sugar out my diet completely. I did pretty good for a week. Then on Mondayas you know, I was stressed out about those presentations. When I came back to work later There were goodies and I ate them. I needed the chocolate. And it all kind of went downhill this week from there. Everyday this week I’ve been eating candy and sugar. *sigh*.

The exercising has been going pretty good, though. The only day this week I didn’t excercise was this morning. I should have and I was totally planning on it when I got up. I even was looking forward to it! But I gave into that moment where a little voice in my head asked myself, “Why don’t you just NOT excercise this morning. Why don’t you knit instead?” (evil little voice) And I thought to myself, “hmm..knitting does sound all nice and warm and cozy. I think I will knit instead.” And I did. *sigh.*

I tried to keep a food journal this week but I couldn’t do it. I am so sick of the tedium of that. I can’t do it anymore. There has to be an easier way. I can’t stand doing the food journal thing. I even have a nice little program on my palm pilot that does everything for me. I just can’t stand entering all of the information every single freaking time I eat something or exercise.

Also, I haven’t started the hypnosis yet. I am waiting until payday, which is next week, to download the e-book from I’m kind of excited to try that.

So hopefully next week I will show a little bit more self-control. This week was just a stressful one.

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