Hillary Clinton For President?

Hillary Clinton, First Lady & U.S. Senator

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Like everyone else, I heard the news over the weekend that Hillary Clinton is going to run for President. Before her announcement, when everyone was speculating, I wasn’t really excited about her. I definately think we need a woman president. Don’t get me wrong about that. We are long overdue for a woman president. But is Ms. Clinton the right one?

After she announced the idea has kind of been percolating in my brain. I’m still not convinced that she is the best candidate. But I am finding myself kind of excited that she’s running. And it wouldn’t be bad if she won. Not at all. How awesome would it be if Bill Clinton was the First Gentleman? I think she has some good ideas. The roadblock, as always, is Iraq. She voted for Iraq. There’s no getting around that.

We’ll see how this all goes. One thing is for sure, it’s going to get interesting, indeed.
Hillary Clinton For President