If Gore entered the race? That would be ideal.

Al Gore's Hearing on Global Warming

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Okay. In my last post I talked about my thoughts about Hillary Clinton entering the Presidental race. Today, thanks to Dianne, my thoughts go to Al Gore. Rolling Stone has published an article about Al Gore’s potential as a candidate in ’08. They feel that he would blow all other competition out of the water. And I have to say, I agree:

If the Democrats were going to sit down and construct the perfect candidate for 2008, they’d be hard-pressed to improve on Gore. Unlike Hillary Clinton, he has no controversial vote on Iraq to defend. Unlike Barack Obama and John Edwards, he has extensive experience in both the Senate and the White House. He has put aside his wooden, policy-wonk demeanor to emerge as the Bush administration’s most eloquent critic. And thanks to An Inconvenient Truth, Gore is not only the most impassioned leader on the most urgent crisis facing the planet, he’s also a Hollywood celebrity, the star of the third-highest-grossing documentary of all time.

If Al Gore entered the race, all other potential candidates are off the table, as far as I’m concerned. It’s Al Gore all the way. He is our man for ’08.

So run, Al, run!

Read the article here:
Rolling Stone : Why Gore Should Run — And How He Can Win