The neocons are worried about Gore’s electricity bill? ugh.

Al Gore on Global Warming

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I have been pulling my hair out the past few days at the latest in the Neocon’s dispicable antics. That is, to call Al Gore a hypocrite because his electricity bill is high. There are so many things wrong with this attack. So many things. First of all, it’s so obviously an attempt to swift-boat Gore. And it’s laughable. And I, personally, am really sick and tired of the Rovian attacks the right wing employs. Sick and tired of it. Secondly, Global Warming is there no matter what. It doesn’t matter how big anyone’s electricity bill is. Al Gore’s electricty bill has nothing to do with the larger issue of Global Warming. NOTHING. And everyone needs to do something to minimize the effects of it. Pandagon explains it quite succinctly:

Gore should probably do more personally if his bills are indeed that high, but on the whole, it’s hardly relevant compared to the huge amount of work that he’s done advocating for a collective response. Calling Ted Haggard a hypocrite dramatically undermines his message, because his belief that being gay is wrong is based strictly on religious faith. Calling Al Gore a hypocrite and deciding this excuses your SUV-driving doesn’t change the facts; the planet will still fry even as your conscience is clear because you called Gore a hypocrite. Even if Al Gore were the highest carbon emitter on the planet, this would not change the truth about global warming one bit.

That’s right. So shut off your damn lights when you leave a room. It will help you in the long run anyway.

The benefits of doing something to lower your environmental footprint far, far outweight the costs.

the three little pigs

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The Three Little Pigs (Reading Railroad Books)This week my story time theme is wolves, and I am looking over some of the classic fairy tales. As I was searching around I found a lot of versions of The Three Little Pigs, so I thought it would be interesting to read the classic version and then read a couple of the retellings that have a little twist to them (like the one from Scieszka). But in all of the versions I read the first and the second little pigs get eaten by the wolf. I don’t know. I just can’t read a book to little children where the pigs get eaten. I mean, I am not against people reading these stories to children. I’m not going to go banning the books for goodness sakes. But, personally, I just can’t do it. Why is this? Is it because I was read these gory classics when I was a kid? Maybe I internalized it somehow. I don’t know. I just feel like I have a compulsion to protect the kids I read to. I mean, when you look at the story as it is told in Marshall’s classic it’s really awful! The three (anthropomorphized) pigs go out into the world to strike it on thier own. These are not pigs. Pigs don’t build houses for themselves. You know? And they are EATEN by a ravenous wolf. How scary is that?

All is not lost for me, though. I did find a non-gory version of the story here. I am telling this version of the story using a flannel board. And I think it does the job just fine. Moral intact. And there isn’t any eating of anybody.

Britney’s bald?!?

Pop singer Britney Spears gained her second U....

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I really have never cared one way or another for Britney spears. But, dude, did you read the lastest about her?

She flew back to Los Angeles economy class on American Airlines and immediately drove to a hair salon and demanded that staff shave her head. When they refused, she picked up some clippers and did it herself.

She then drove over to the tattoo parlour where employee Emily Wynne-Hughes told local media yesterday that she was “highly agitated” and a “nightmare” to deal with. Spears was given a £50 set of red lips tattoos on her wrist. When asked about her new style, the singer told Hughes: “I don’t want anyone touching me. I’m tired of everyone touching me.”

It’s like watching a trainwreck! Can’t…Look…Away….


Read the sordid story here:

‘Britney Shears’ hits rock bottom-Arts & Entertainment-TimesOnline

Friday Random 10


It’s been awhile since I’ve remembered to do a FR10. And for lack of anything else to post right now (life is kind of boring at the moment), and because I feel like listening to music, why not do one right now?

Beer? check (I don’t know why FR10 requires a beer, but whatever).

iPod? Check

Let’s do this.

  1. Island girl. Elton John.
    Music from this period of the 70s is really kind of dull. Why is that?
  2. Different Names for the same thing. Death Cab for Cutie. Plans.
    I *love* this song. Sigh. Have you seen the DVD Album of Plans, it’s called Directions. The video for this song is so adorable.
  3. No One Else. Weezer. Weezer (the blue album)
    Weezer (Blue Album)
  4. Big Deal. Everything but the girl. Walking Wounded.

    Walking Wounded

  5. Dollars and Cents. Radiohead. Amnesiac.

  6. Oh Suzanna. Warren Malone.
    I don’t have an album cover for this one. I found this as a free download on a website. It’s Bluegrass. And I love it.
  7. A Punch up at a wedding (No No No No No No No). Radiohead. Hail to the thief.
    Hail To The Thief
    Mr. iPod likes Radiohead tonight. I’ve never actually listened to this whole album. I think I need to because this is a great song! Good one to listen to when you’ve been drinking. Like all Radiohead songs.
  8. Evenflow. Pearl Jam. Evenflow.
    My iPod says this is on the album, Evenflow, but I can’t find it on Amazon so I can add a little album cover picture.
  9. Next Exit. Interpol. Antics.
    I love this song. It’s kind of funny. You have to hear it to understand. Or maybe I just have a unique sense of humor.
  10. Intergalactic. Beastie Boys.
    I don’t know what album this is on because it was downloaded from Napster. Remember Napster? I love anything by the Beastie Boys. Not a bad way to end this edition of FR10.