Raw Space


This is the photo that sold

I want to say a hugemungous THANK YOU to Cathi, Karma, and Susan. It really makes things better knowing people are there, sending good thoughts my way. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m feeling better. I felt a little more like myself yesterday and that was good.

I just came back from Raw Space. I didn’t mention this, but I entered three of my photographs into an art exhibit that went on all weekend. It’s called Raw Space because they allow anyone from the community to enter thier work. My mom is a watercolor artist and does really fantastic work. She was entering some of her paintings and she talked me into entering some of my photographs.

Okay. The day I went in to put up my pictures I felt like such a dork. A serious dork. What the hell was I thinking? My stuff looked stupid next to the incredible pieces that were there. ugh. I felt kind of stupid. But at the same time I was, and am, proud of myself for actually doing it. At least I took that step. That’s something, right?

Well, I got a message on my cell phone Saturday morning. The docent from Raw Space called Friday night to tell me that someone had bought one of my photographs (it was this one)! I couldn’t believe it! Then she said the name of the person and I kind of smiled to myself. It was one of my collegues from work. He bought one of my pictures :). I thought it was very sweet. He kind of knew that I was feeling down. I thought it was a very kind gesture of him. It made me feel good. I just felt kind of bad taking money from him since he’s kind of a friend of mine. I went into work and saw him and thanked him from the bottom of my heart. The self-conscous part of me kind of thought he bought it to make me feel better, but he was very sincere when he told me he loved my work. He said that he turned the corner, saw the colorful picture, and said, “he had to have it.” He wants to hang it up in his living room to help chase away the winter doldrums. How cool is that? I’m so happy that he likes it :).

So part of having your stuff in Raw Space is having to put in some sweat equity. I went down there today and worked two hours. I really enjoyed being around the artists and the art. It was so inspiring. I want to do that. Create. I don’t know how, but I want to. How does one come up with art? Where in the brain does it come from? I want to do that!

One piece in particular was really inspiring. At first glance it looked like a woven scarf hanging on the wall. In fact, as I was looking at it one lady said to another, “Look, that looks like one of your green, fuzzy scaves.” But then when you looked at it more closely it became apparent that it was not what it seemed on the surface. The first thing you see are pieces of moss attached to the fabric. Then as you look more closely you see bird feathers, sticks, even a lobster claw here and there. But the strangest part about it was that it was being held up by turkey feet. Yes you heard that right. Turkey feet. kind of disturbing. Looking at it more closely I noticed that this wasn’t fabric at all. It was plastic wrap. So the whole thing was totally decieving. It looked like something that it wasn’t. I thought it was really cool.