Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist


Nick and Norah\'s Infinite PlaylistI finished this book ages ago but I wanted to post a little review of it here. I’ve been procrastinating.

This is a dual protagonist story. On one side we have Nick, a young man who plays guitar in a punk band, likes to write poetry, and is obsessed with the girl who recently broke up with him. On the other side we have Nora, a feminist, about same age as Nick, who likes to go to the shows of punk bands. She is the daughter of a famous music exec. The scene is Manhattan. It takes place in one evening. The evening starts out in a bar after a show that Nick’s band played in. Nick sees his ex come into the club with another guy and is devestated. He sees her walking toward her. He doesn’t want to talk to her and the only thing he can think of to do is ask the girl next to him (Nora) if she will be his girlfriend for 5 minutes. Then Nick and Nora kiss. And the night begins.

I loved this book. In a way, it kind of made me feel old but, regardless, it was a great story. Highly recommended. The F-word is used in this book. A lot. So if you don’t like cussing you might be offended.

Check out the Nick and Nora website here.

when I was looking for the link above I found out that this book is going to be made into a movie!