Thoughts on the Edwardses

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There is all of this talk about whether or not they are making the right decision. My thoughts? It’s none of our business. They know what they can handle. It’s thier decision. Not ours.

What is it with the media and the pundits? Why do they think they can make these judgements for people? It’s annoying.

Here is a quote from a New York Times article on the subject:

Janet Leff, 65, a breast cancer survivor whose cancer had also spread to her bones, said all the talk about what the Edwardses should or should not do is misguided. It is nobody’s business but theirs, she said.

When her cancer was diagnosed five years ago, she was volunteering as a social worker in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Family members urged her to come home, give up the hard life in a war-ravaged country. She ignored them, she said, and she thinks that is partly why she is still alive.

As far as my take on the actual decision (which is really none of my business anyway), I think that it’s very courageous. I only hope that, if I am ever in that situation, that I would have the will and motivation to keep going and doing the things that I’ve planned on doing. I wouldn’t want to cower in a corner, either. I would want to go out there and live.

Read more here:

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Edwardses

  1. Talk about role models…Elizabeth Edwards is that in spades. She’s really amazing. And I am so sad, but hopeful, for her. I’ve seen some pretty amazing cancer recovery stuff…maybe it will be her.


  2. I totally agree that it’s their decision. If she wants to help her husband in his campaign, good for her. I thin that it will give her something to be positive about and to live for. I would want to spend my final days with my partner, seeing him/her reach her potential. Y’know if she were to stay at home they would give her grief about it…you really can’t win.


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