The beautiful lilacs are here! Here is one from the bush in my yard. They smell so pretty, too. They don’t last for very long so I made a point of getting a picture of it when it bloomed las weekend.

Unfortunately I think I’m allergic. sigh. I’ve been feeling very lethargic and tired the past few days. And my eyes are puffy.

Tonight I’m participating in the Lilac Parade. Right now it’s raining. Ugh. I am praying it stops soon. I’m going to be in the “Book Cart Drill Team”. Maybe I’ll take pictures :).

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Mt Hood

We got back from Portland and Long Beach, WA Sunday evening. I had yesterday off, thank goodness. I needed a day to relax. Relaxing from a vacation. HA!

Anyway, we had a wonderful time in Portland and Long Beach. Raf and I decided that we want to move to Portland. What a beautiful little city! We both loved it there. We hit up the Trader Joes downtown and stocked up. Long Beach was cold and windy but beautiful, as always. I had a great time with the In-Laws. My MIL and I hit up the local quilting store.

On the way home there are two choices on which road to take. You can take either the Oregon side of the Columbia River or the Washington side. We usually take the Oregon side because the road is better. It’s a freeway so it’s a little bit faster. On the way home we decided to meander along on the Washington side. All I can say is WOW. What a beautiful drive. Here is a shot of Mt. Hood taken across the Columbia from Hood River, OR.