Librarians are hip

Federal Depository Library Program logo

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I got a kick out of this article in the New York Times. Especially this paragraph:

When talk turned to a dance party the group had recently given at a nearby restaurant, their profession became clearer.

“Did you try the special drinks?” Sarah Gentile, 29, asked Jennifer Yao, 31, referring to the colorfully named cocktails.

“I got the Joy of Sex,” Ms. Yao replied. “I thought for sure it was French Women Don’t Get Fat.”

Ms. Yao could be forgiven for being confused: the drink was numbered and the guests had to guess the name. “613.96 C,” said Ms. Yao, cryptically, then apologized: “Sorry if I talk in Dewey.”

That would be the Dewey Decimal System. The groups’ members were librarians. Or, in some cases, guybrarians.

What a fantastic party game! Guessing the name of a drink by the Dewey number!

Oh, and this is just awesome:

. . .Jeff Buckley, a reference librarian at a law firm, who had a

tattoo of the logo from the Federal Depository Library Program peeking out of his black T-shirt sleeve.

Dude. I wish I had thought of that.

Actually, librarians have been hip for years. The world is just now catching on? I know quite a few hip librarians who have been in this business for over 25 years. Partied with a few of em, too. You want a good party? Librarian conference, baby.