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A co-worker told me to watch last Friday’s edition of Bill Moyer’s Journal on PBS. The show was all about impeachment, specifically, how important it is that we impeach President Bush right now. That if we don’t do it we are setting a precedent for future presidents. When I went to the website I found I could subscribe to a weekly podcast of his program. And I did just that. And I listened to the “Tough Talk on Impeachment” show that was on last Friday. Can I just say? You need to watch or listen to this. It’s very interesting. It’s not just some crazy liberals sitting around saying that we need to impeach Bush (me, for example). One of the guys that is interviewed is Bruce Fein, the man who wrote the first article of impeachment against President Bill Clinton, and the man who wrote a more recent article for Slate calling for the impeachment of Cheney. There are some VERY interesting points made in this program. You should seriously watch this .

And while you are there, watch “Buying the war.” It’s about how the mainstream media failed to do their job in the lead-up to the Iraq War. Can we impeach them, too? Just asking.

The Podcast can be found the usual way, search the iTunes store for “Bill Moyers” and it will come right up. It’s free and you can download the archives, as well.