Are you kidding me?!?

The substructure of the I-35W Mississippi Rive...

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A major bridge collapses in a major metropolitan city and our President plays the “blame game” during his speech? Did you listen to that tripe?

As soon as I can find it online I will link to the speech. It’s utterly disgusting, the way he politicized the situation.


Update: I’m kind of annoyed. I got an annoying comment to this post and wondered what the deal was. So I went back to the article at CNN and saw that it links back to this blog post. That annoys me. It would be nice if they told me they were doing that. The last thing I want is every freaking troll commenting on a two sentence blog post that they clearly don’t read. So I got rid of the link. Go to CNN for for info on this story.

Note from the future (9/15/2011): This post is about the collapse of the 1-35W Mississippi River Bridge on August 1st, 2007.