Ocean Park, WA

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Car on the beach

So. The last two days of our trip. We drove up the coast yet again and ended up in Long Beach, WA where we had a reservation at the Whale’s Tale Motel. Oh. My. God. What a shit-hole. The place was disgusting. Seriously. The wall was all carved up, the “couch” was a really, really uncomfortable, old, futon. The carpet was dirty. And they didn’t even bother cleaning the coffepot! I felt like I was totally duped. The price of the place was not cheap. At least for us. I expected something much nicer. Raf was pissed. He refused to stay there. He decided to walk around town a bit to see if there were any vacancies anywhere else. There wasn’t. Not in Long Beach. But one person said that there might be a vacancy at the Sunset View Resort 11 mile north in Ocean Park. We decided to try it. He went into the Whale’s Tale’s (horrible excuse for an) office and demanded our money back. The manager was nice enough to do that, which I will give him credit for. And then we drove up the coast. If they didn’t have a vacancy we were planning on driving home that night. I was so hoping they had a vacancy.

We finally got there and couldn’t believe how gorgeous this motel was. I was afraid it would cost a fortune to stay there, but we were willing to pay anything so we wouldn’t have to drive home. Raf went in to get us a room and, sure enough, the had one! AND it was only a few dollars more than the horrific Whale’s Tale! And the room was NICE. Very clean. Just what one would expect. We decided to wander around and couldn’t believe how awesome this motel was! The back area had a path leading right down to the beach, there was a really nice, enclosed sauna and spa, volleyball and tennis courts, and a really nice picnic area. It exceeded our expectations immensely. We will be going back.