Otherwise Occupied


Well, I’m not doing well with the picture a day thing. At least for the last two days. yesterday I spent an hour and a half on a self portrait that didn’t turn out really well. I decided to scrap it rather than post it here. And today I forgot my camera! ugh. I may or may not take a daily photo tonight when I get home from work. I think I’m more likely to chill with my knitting. I love my daily photo but sometimes a break is in order. I won’t give up on it yet, though.

I had nightmares last night about my knitting of all things! Well, they were more like anxiety dreams. I woke up all anxious about getting my projects done. What the? What does that mean? Maybe I should take a step back from that too! What a stupid thing to be anxious about!

Today I feel pretty good. Not great, but good. I don’t feel stressed out, which is a good thing.

Oh, I need to tell you what I’ve been occupied with over the weekend. I found a really cool service that will create and print a book for you and sell it on thier site if you want them to. It’s called Blurb. You download thier software and then create your book on your own computer using your own pictures to make it special. You can make wedding books, photography books, cookbooks, and (and this is what I was playing with) you can turn your blog into a book. And it’s really affordable! I made a book out of Blatherskite’s 2003 entries and it was less than $20.00. I made it over the weekend and ordered it and will let you know how it looks when I get it. I’m excited about this! I’ve been doing this blogging thing now for 4 (!) years. I think it would be really cool to have evidence of this part of my life that I can actuallly hold in my hands.

Leftovers from a funeral


Leftovers from a funeral

Ugh. I’ve had a hell of a week. There was an unexpected death in my family on Sunday. I wasn’t really close to this person but the tragedy of it has left me feeling really sad. Anyway, my Dad and Step-mom didn’t know what to do with all of the flower arrangements so I ended up with one and two plants to bring home. This one is very pretty. It is cheering me up the tiniest bit.