A spooky cupcake

  Someone brought these adorable cupcakes into work today. Yummy! I am soo done with junky, sugary food, though. I need a carrot! Hope you and yours had a wonderful Halloween! Advertisements

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Otherwise Occupied

Well, I’m not doing well with the picture a day thing. At least for the last two days. yesterday I spent an hour and a half on a self portrait that didn’t turn out really well. I decided to scrap it rather than post it here. And today I forgot my camera! ugh. I may […]

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Dried up

Thank you all for you condolences. The flowers are cheering me up. So did my little hike today. Here’s a picture I took while on the hike. All of the beautiful flowers are dried up. Winter is coming.

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Leftovers from a funeral

Ugh. I’ve had a hell of a week. There was an unexpected death in my family on Sunday. I wasn’t really close to this person but the tragedy of it has left me feeling really sad. Anyway, my Dad and Step-mom didn’t know what to do with all of the flower arrangements so I ended […]

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