A plan of action

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Okay. So this is day two. and, umm, I don’t know wtf to write about. I’m staring at a blank text box. sigh.

I need a plan. I think what I will do is each day post about a specific topic. I have lots of interests and this will be a way for me to organize my thoughts.

Since I’m participating in NaNoSweMo I will need to post some updating on that. So Mondays will be my NaNoSweMo day.

Tuesdays will be my creative writing days. Maybe I will post some kind of a poem I’ve been working on or a writing exercise.

Wednesdays will be will be Current event day. I will use this day to rant about whatever is going on in the news.

Thursdays I will choose a topic from this list and go for it. I may do this on Tuesdays, too if I don’t have anything creative to write.

Friday will be for photography. I’ll post something pretty I took earlier in the week and talk about.

Saturday will be a book review. I usually read at least one book a week and I’ve read quite a few recently that I should review.

Sunday will be a wrap-up of my week or an update on the hike for the day.

And everyday I will post a picture of the shoes I am wearing for my NaNoShoeMO entry. Except Mondays when I will post a picture of my sweater progress. And I may use Friday to be a pretty photograph that I have taken. Photography Friday!

Exciting isn’t it?

Speaking of exciting, I am now Twittering. My username is CraftyMoni if you would like to add me as a friend. Please do if you are on this thing..I have no idea what the heck it is but I want to find out. I suspect, since it’s a social networking thing, that it’s more fun when you have friends.

Okay. So now I must prepare for tomorrow’s post. A book review! Stay tuned.