NaKniSweMo progess

Artfibers Golden Chai Color #16

For NaKniSweMo I’m knitting a sweater with yarn that I bought at Artfibers a year and a half ago. When we were visiting Raf’s parents in San Jose Judy and I snuck up to San Francisco for the day. It was actually on St. Paddy’s day! So you can imagine what a riot SF was. We had a blast. I’m finally getting around to knitting the gorgeous yarn that I bought when I was there. It’s Satori, a handpainted silk, mohair, and wool blend. I was also talked into buying some Moving Mud buttons that were conveniently placed near the cash register. Well, it didn’t take much cajoling. The were expensive. I can’t believe I spent the amount of money I did on buttons. But they sure are pretty.

So the sweater. It’s a cardigan with a ballet neck. The sleeves have a little slit at the wrists. I am debating whether or not I want to do the slits. But I have awhile before I have to decide. I am about 9 inches into the body. I have to knit 12 inches of body then I will start on the sleeves. This is a no-seam sweater so I am knitting the entire body at the moment. This makes me very happy.