What I love about Spokane


Bright LightsI don’t completely dislike Spokane. In fact, “Hate” is really too strong a word to use. I prefer to say something like, “there I things that I like and dislike about my hometown.” It’s not all or nothing. I’m not either for it or against it. There is a balance.

The thing that I love most about Spokane is that my family lives here. When I was in the Bay Area I missed my family terribly. I had Raf’s family, and they are great. I love them very much as well (and am missing them a lot right now, too). But there really is nothing like your own immediate family. They are home to me. I have really, really enjoyed being able to spend more time with them on a more regular basis. I have really enjoyed being able to spend the holidays with them. Seeing my nieces and nephews get older has been a joy!

What more can I say about that? They are the main reason why I came back. I have a wonderful family and I am very thankful for them.