Sunday Wrap-up



I am ALMOST done with my NaSweKniMo sweater. yay! I may actually finish it tonight. This may be a knitting record for me! More on this tommorrow.

Our washing machine broke. ugh. We’ve never owned a home before this so we have never had to deal with broken things. I think we will try and fix it ourselves first. I have checked a few books out from the library so we shall see what we can do.

Twitter is fun! I’ve been enjoying it. Come join me if you aren’t on it yet :). It’s kind of cool!

I am hella sick of all of the crap that people bring into to work. I need to lose weight, dammit! So I have decided that I am cutting it OUT. No more sugary snacks at work. I will allow myself a sugary snack on Sunday, but it will be something yummy and worth it. I am seriously sick of coming into work and seeing candy and cookies and stuff like that in the staff lounge. I have this compulsion to eat it! Why? It’s not like I’ll never see that shit again! ugh. So I am going to try to just stop it.

Boring week. But that’s okay. I don’t’ like drama. Have a wonderful week!