Happy New Year!

Thanks for your lovely comments regarding the article. And thanks for your support, too. I truly appreciate it. Sometimes we all feel inferior and it really helps to hear others validate your work. Thank you all so much. Advertisements

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We all get our 15 minutes

Well, the article that I mentioned in this post made it today’s paper. The problem is that I can’t read it! It is published in the Spokane Valley section of the paper. I live on the South Hill. My mom didn’t get it either because she lives on the North Side. My boss, however, called […]

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The Vatican has officially declared The Golden Compass “Godless.” That kind of makes me chuckle a little bit. First of all, it astounds me that the Church is STILL banning books and movies. What is this, the middle ages? Secondly, doesn’t this attitude from the Vatican kind of prove Pullman’s point? Hilarious, if you ask […]

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Two things: 1) I found a moth in one of my balls of yarn this morning!!! Ugh! I’m kind of freaking out a little bit about it. I must have had a premonition about it because last week I put my entire stash in little ziplock baggies. That’s how I found it. I was pulling […]

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Why hello there!

First off, Thank you, thank you for your comments on my sweater! I am very happy with it. I’ve already worn it twice and it has kept me nice and cozy these past cold days. This is what I’ve been doing this week: Knitting up a frenzy things that I can’t show you. I haven’t […]

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