Happy New Year!

2007 New Year's Eve in Berlin.

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Hey guys! It’s 2008! Yay! I’m ready for a new year.

I love New Year’s Day. It’s full of hope and possibilities. Full of looking-forward to the future. A day where we can wipe away everything and start fresh.

So. I have lots of plans for this up-coming year. Lots of projects in mind.

1. Project 365. I am participating in Project 365 on Flickr. It’s the official “picture-a-day” group. Yeah, I’m going to jump on that bandwagon again (Flickr set is here.) I am not going to post a picture here everyday. Maybe once or twice a week.

2. Project Spectrum. Project Spectrum 3.0 kicks off in February! I’m very excited about the Elements theme this go ’round. The first element that we will be exploring is Fire. I have already started. I made a little trip to the fabric store and had fun picking out red, orange, and pink fabric for a quilt I will be doing. I may actually finish this before February because I’m really excited about it.

3. Blogging. I am going to try to get in at least 4 blog posts a week. I like the format I used for Nablopomo so I think I will use that. Mondays will be the day I post about crafting (so all of you who are uninterested in that can just ignore). Tuesdays will be a random day. Wednesdays will be about current events. Thursdays random. Photography Friday. Saturday book talk.

What are your resolutions? I’m not sure I have any hard and fast resolutions this year but I do want to focus on a few things.

1. Yoga. I have recently discovered yoga and I’m am really loving it! I want to really explore it more this year.

2. Vegetarianism. I’m going to focus more on becoming a vegetarian. If I do eat meat it will be chicken and fish. I am cutting red meat and pork out of my diet completely.

3. Running. I always talk about this on New Years day. But this year I want to get back into a running practice. I got a pretty good start about a month ago but have been lagging over the holidays. Time to get back on track!

4. Photography. I really want to focus on becoming a better photographer this year. This is to be my hobby of priority. I want to learn more!

5. No Sugar! My husband and I are sugar addicts. In a major way. So we are determined to cut the sh*t out of our diet as best we can. No more cakes, cookies and candy! Damn it!

Here’s to 2008 :raises glass:

Have a good one!