Crafty Monday


The last time we talked about this sweater I was wondering 1) if it would fit after blocking, and 2)which button to put on it. First of all, yes! It does, indeed, fit! I’m so happy. I even wore it to work last Tuesday. I think this will be a well-worn sweater. And, as you can see, I went with the wooden button. I have a lot of browns and neutrals in my wardrobe so I thought it would work for that. I’m happy with my choice. But I do want to use the fabulous flower button on something! That “thing” will come. It wants to be something yet to be discovered.

I went on a craft rampage this week. Actually, it kind of all happened in a matter of three (or four?) days. First, I decided I needed a hood/cowl. This little seed was planted in the Ravelry forums when someone complained about some company charging $94.00 dollars for, basically a knitted tube. The argument is neither her nor there to me. Frankly, it’s worth $94.00 if someone wants to pay $94.00, regardless of the fact that it is easy to make. But anyway….I decided I wanted one, thinking that this would be a great alternative to a hat! I have to wear a hat in this cold weather, but like to take it off when I’m in the store or whatever. I don’t have a big enough purse to stuff it in so I stuff it in my jacket pocket, along with my gloves. This is not a good solution because my pockets are too bulky and unseemly. So the cowl/hood was born. And has gotten some good use these past few days.

The next thing that I decided I needed were some gloves. I have been wearing mittens around and, while warm, I don’t like wearing them very much. So I searched around and found this pattern in the book “One Skein” which I own. I was drawn to the cable pattern on the cuff. It took me a mere two days to knit these! And, indeed, one skein. These would make a great gift for someone in a pinch.

That’s all of the crafty stuff from this corner. Hope you all are staying sane this winter ;). God knows, crafting has been saving my sanity this winter.