God bless those of you who shoveled your walk. To you I say “Thank you.” I am not among you, sadly. I feel sorry for people who have to walk along my part of the sidewalk.

I say this because I had to walk home from the bus last night in the dark. It’s only 4 or five blocks and wouldn’t be a big deal otherwise. However, I ended up being kind of a scary experience. There were portions of the sidewalks that were clear, and that was good. But the sidewalks that weren’t were completely impassable. I had to walk in the road and when a car zoomed by there was really nowhere for me to go. I had to kind of jump up into the gigantic snow pile next to me. I ended up running the stretches in which I had to walk on the road.

Seriously, I have never seen anything like this. When I say we got a lot of snow, we got A LOT of snow. This will be on the ground until April. No question about it.