Book Review: Click

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I read thisFor me, one of life’s little pleasures is reading a book that I can’t wait to get back to, or can’t put down. It makes me happy. This past week I enjoyed one of those books. It’s Click by a group of fantastic authors that includes Linda Sue Park, Nick Hornby, and Eoin Colfer, to name three. Each chapter is written by a different author.

The chapters revolve around a character named Gee (a.k.a. George Keane). Gee is a famous photographer and has died. The first chapter establishes this through a story about Maggie, his granddaughter. Maggie had inherited a strange box with 7 compartments. Each compartment contains a shell. And there is a message for her that says, “Throw them back.” Maggie surmises that her grandpa wanted her to return each shell to the sea it came from. His gift to her is the world. He wants her to see the world like he saw the world in his travels as a photojournalist.

The stories that follow don’t chronologically follow the first chapter. This is what I find so fun about this book. There are several chapters about people in pictures Gee has photographed. There are chapters that take place in the future. There are chapters about Maggie’s older brother, Jason. And these chapters raise some interesting questions and reveal shocking secrets.

This was a fantastic book on so many levels. The writing was magnificent. The stories were compelling. And it was just so creative the way the authors all worked together on this. As I read the book I wondered how they did it. What was their process? How did they come up with the stories that they came up with? I may go explore this after I write this post. There’s probably an interview published somewhere that answers these questions.

Anyway, I highly recommend it. It’s a wonderful read!