Thank you. And an update


First of all, I want to thank you all so, so much for all of your well wishes on my last post. They really made my day and helped me feel a bit better. Thank you!!!

Secondly, I wanted to kind up update you on how I’m doing. I am actually doing pretty well. I have stayed home from work the past couple of days. My entire body is really sore and I’m moving really slow. “They” are right about it being more painful two or three days after an accident like this. This is the third day and I am feeling a little more sore than I did the first two. I’m feeling some soreness in my shoulder that I didn’t feel before.

But the good news is that I have not had to take the hydrocodone because I have not had any unbearable pain. Just some soreness that Ibuprofen has worked fine on. I do have a follow-up doctor’s appointment with my regular doctor next week to make sure everything is working O.K.

I feel extraordinarily lucky. Seriously. This could have turned out so much worse. I think that, first of all, the reason that I didn’t break any bones is that I am in pretty good shape. I lift weights, do yoga and run on a consistent basis. My bones are pretty strong, apparently! The guy who hit me is lucky I wasn’t a kid or a older person! Since he was driving a sedan I was able to roll up on the hood of his car a bit, which prevented my knees from snapping. I am lucky he wasn’t driving an S.U.V. or a truck. Like I said, things could have been worse. I am counting my blessings right now.

I found out (by reading the police report) that the man is 87 years old! He said he didn’t see me. That is scary. Like I said, I was wearing a bright orange coat. People on the other side of the road could see me. He should have been able to see me. My insurance agent (who is dealing with all of the details of payment, thank goodness) called him to get his insurance information (he didn’t have it at the scene). The man didn’t know that I was taken away by ambulance! He thought that I was O.K. so he didn’t bother calling his insurance agent. What, did he think that I just walked away from the whole thing? Ugh! It just makes me shake my head.

Anyway, that’s the scoop. I think I’m gonna be O.K. Thank the gods. And Thank YOU ALL for all of your prayers and good thoughts. I truly appreciate it so very much. Thank you.