Crafty Monday


Victorian Lace Today scarfCrafty Monday was sidelined last week. So we have a double header this time. To the left is a picture of my Victorian Lace Today scarf that I had been working on forever. It’s official title is “scarf or shawl with center panel.” It is one of the beginner projects in the book. It’s quite easy! I can vouch for that. In fact, it got a little boring to knit and I kept getting distracted with other projects. But it’s done. And I really like it! I will probably wear it a lot since I wear a lot of black. Here is the Ravelry info if you’re interested.


On the getting-well front: I’m doing well. I went to the doctor and everything checks out O.K. I’m still sore and it’s going to be awhile before I’m back running again, but I’ll just ease back into it. Like I always do.

Take care, everyone! have a great week.