Crafty Monday: The Tree Jacket


Today for Crafty Monday I give you the Tree Jacket! I fell in love with this patten when Lolly was contemplating it on either her blog or photo stream. Like the other Zephyr Style pattern, Rusted Root, I downloaded it immediately. I knitted it with Patons Classic Merino. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the same dyelot for all of my balls of yarns, and you can totally tell in the photo. It’s not so noticeable in real life, though. I almost gave up when I realized the colors didn’t match, but decided to just go with it. Whatev. You know? It’s just a sweater. I do love this sweater, too. It is very comfortable. It’s nice and roomy. It kind of feels like a comfy sweatshirt. I definitely will wear it often. Here is my Ravelry page if you want the details. So to sum up, I love it! The pattern is highly recommended!

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