Crafty Monday: diamond scarf



Hi! I’ve had a weird day. It’s been one of those days where you are really busy but don’t get anything done, really. And then all of a sudden the day is over. And you still have a bunch of stuff to do.

And on top of all of that I didn’t get my walk in. We have been walking this nice little 3 mile loop around downtown Spokane on the Centennial trail. It’s been very nice and pleasant. Except today. We walked about 100 yards and there were some really strange kids up to no good. And I know that makes me sound old. But they were really up to no good. Some of them had thier faces painted all over in black or green. They were next this railroad bridge, looking like they were going to graffiti it. Which really, I could care less about. Except they were kind of harassing us as we walked by them, asking us if we smoked dope and then getting kind of weird and aggressive about it. their behavior really kind of bothered us so we decided to circle around and got back to the car. And then at that point we weren’t in the mood for a walk anymore. So here I am at home posting a Crafty Monday entry.

So here is what I am working on. It’s my Fire project for Project Spectrum. I still have a loong way to go on it but I’m trying to stay positive. This is the Large Rectangle with Diamond Pattern (or something like that) shawl from Victorian Lace today.

So there you go. Happy Monday!