snowing again today

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snowing again todayWe are still getting snow. And it’s not a “spring snow.” It is some serious snow. We got about 2 inches this morning. The sun has come out but there is still quite a lot on the ground. Everyone here is frustrated. Even the little toddlers in my storytime were talking about how “much they hated it.” and “my mommy wants to plant flowers.” We are all beyond over winter. Way beyond. But at least we are all in this together.


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Earlier this winter I read Terry Pratchett’s “Wintersmith.” Have you read this? It’s a fabulous Y.A. novel. It’s third in his “Tiffany Aching” novels. In the story, Tiffany “accidentally” dances with the Wintersmith during a winter festival in a small village in England. Because of this, the Wintersmith mistakes Tiffany for the goddess, Summer and falls in love with her. He does cute things at first like create little tiny Tiffany -shaped snowflakes. Or he makes a Tiffany-shaped iceburg. Then things start getting out of hand and winter keeps growing worse and worse and longer and longer. As it turns out, the Goddess Summer is being held captive and needs to be freed so that the season of Summer can begin.

A rather apt metaphor this year.