My week in bullets

Ella's Supper Club

Ella’s Supper Club, April 2008. Spokane, WA

I’ve had kind of an interesting week. Here are the highlights:

  1. I went to my first massage therapy appointment on Monday. Admittedly, I was extremely nervous about it. I came very close to canceling it. But it turned out to be a good thing. I don’t know why I didn’t start sooner. I definitely need it since my muscles are all clenched up from the accident.
  2. I started the Abs Diet this week. I have no idea if I’ve lost weight because my scale needs new batteries. But I feel good! That’s important, right?
  3. I enjoyed getting caught up on the Mystic Creations Death Faking incident on the Ravelry Forums. Wow. Even in the knitting community there are shysters. How sad.
  4. I enjoyed this little joke played on someone in Twitter. I have no idea who any of these people are but it was entertaining nonetheless.
  5. We bought a Nintendo Wii! This was kind of an adventure. First of all, we searched online and found that you can’t find them anywhere online for sale. Well, I should say anywhere reputable. So we started calling around. The Best Buy on the Northside said (after they hung up on us the first time we called and asked), “the truck was just pulling up and they would be on the floor in an hour. First come first served. And there are already two people here waiting.” So I jumped in the car and drove the half hour to get there. When I got there the ones that were placed on the shelf had already been taken. Someone else who was waiting said that the sales person was in the back to see if there were more. So I waited there, like a Lemming, for him to come back. He finally did, with three of them in his arms. I totally lucked out. I have no idea how else one would find a Wii in this town. We just happened to call when the truck was pulling up. We love it, btw.
  6. An unexpected person friended me on Myspace. I think that is all I will say about that for the time being.
  7. It snowed this week. Quite a lot. I keep thinking that Spring HAS to come, right? I mean, Spring always comes. It’s the way the whole Seasons thing works. This is what is helping me keep my sanity. That Spring will come. It just has to.

This is one of my one-day weekends so I need to go because I have to cram two days of stuff into one day. It’s super fun.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!