Crafty Monday: Talia


Alright. I got really sick of knitting the Diamond Lace Shawl and, despite being so close to the end, I cast on a different project. This is Talia from the latest Knitty. After a false start, I do believe I am making good progress. The yarn I am using is Berrocco Ultra Alpaca, which I have not used before. It is truly a lovely yarn. Very soft. And I love the rich, dark brown color. I am looking forward to wearing this vest. I have wanted a brown vest for a long time but have not found the perfect pattern. I saw this one and thought it was pretty close. I am knitting the large this time (42″). I usually knit the medium, or the size closest to 38″. This usually works out well because I am a very loose knitter. However, I actually took the time to knit up a swatch and my gauge was spot on. So I went with the actual measurement (over my t-shirt) since I plan to wear this over a shirt of some kind.

On a completely different path, I am looking for projects for the Silk Garden I used for my first Clapotis (Ravelry link). I think it’s going to the frog pond. I never wear it. And that’s lots of nice Silk Garden going to waste. I feel kind of bad, because it is a beautiful garment, but it’s just sitting in my closet. I think I’m going to make something more functional, like a simple cardigan. Probably one from the Barbaara Walker book, “knitting from the top.”

I’m also having these same thoughts about Klaralund (Ravelry link). I loved Klaralund for the first couple of years but now I have grown tired of her. I don’t wear this sweater at all and when I do I am annoyed by it. The yarn itches me and I hate the sleeves. They are too loose and big and they get caught on everything. Yet, when I see this on people in Ravelry I think it’s an adorable sweater. What do you guys think? Should I frog? Have you made Klaralund? What do you think of it?