Thanks Dianne


blog of distinctionMy friend, Dianne from both Dianne’s Dishes and Daffodil Lane gave me a blog of distinction award! It totally made my day. So, I need to pass the honor on to three other blogs. This is very hard because I am a very picky blog reader. I don’t subscribe to a lot of blogs so the ones I do subscribe to are ones that I really, really enjoy reading. So I think, instead, I will talk about some of my oldest blogging friends.

Well, first of all, Dianne. Since she awarded me with this I can’t choose her but I have to just say that her blogs are both awesome. and worth the read. Dianne’s Dishes makes me hungry all the time and her recipes are fantastic. I met her through her other blog Daffodil Lane. I have that tale chronicled here if you would like to read all about it. I stumbled on Daffodil Lane one night in the Summer of 2004 (almost 4 years ago!!) and was disturbed by the conservative trolls that were swarming the comments section. I made a decision to post my own comment in response to them. And we have been blogging friends ever since. I agree with her when she says we are kindred spirits. Indeed, we are.

Okay, on to my three.

I have known Amanda from the blog Etc. for about as long as Dianne. I can’t remember who started reading who first. I think I was searching for knitting librarian blogs and found hers. Her blog has been an inspiration ever since. I want to be Amanda when I grow up :). (well, except she is, like, 10 years younger than me). She is a luminary in the library field and it is such and honor to know her virtually. She is a fantastic writer and I always enjoy it when I see that she has posted. At Etc she writes about all kinds of things (kind of like my blog is here). At Blogwithoutalibrary she posts about library related web 2.0 technology. Both of them worth the read.

Lolly started blogging around the same time I did. Lollyknitting Around took the knitting word by storm and now girlfriend is writing articles for Interweave Knits ! I am so proud of her :). Her blog started as a knitting blog but has evolved over the years to include her other interests, travel, photography, green living (and lots more). Lolly is also an knitter/librarian, which explains our connection. She is also a fantastic writer. Every one of her blog posts are well thought-out and engaging. I believe I found Lolly via either Ei Knit or Pixiestikz (two bloggers that I MISS). We kind of clicked when we found out we were librarians and we have been friends ever since.

And now for something completely different… Frank! I think he is my only male reader after my brother stopped reading (are you still reading big bro?) and I hope I’m not boring him with all of my crafty talk. I think I found Frank’s blog back in 2004 when we were on the “Bush Sucks” webring. Or I may have been sent there by Etherealgirl (anther blogger I miss!). Nevertheless, his adventures in Philly have kept me reading for about 3 years (maybe even longer). I think the first blog post I read sent me to a video of someone driving through Paris really fast. It was really cool…He has lots of great finds like that, and interesting adventures. Go read his blog, if you don’t already. Definite must read.

So there you go! Thanks for the great blogs, guys. Feel free to pass it along or not. It’s up to you.

I like the idea of sharing my blog reads with you. I may just make this a regular thing.